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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Obama uses an executive order to raise the pay of congress. Meanwhile the sheeple defend them and accept a pay cut. Fools.
Why do you have to lie about what actually happened? Inferno has already made this pretty clear.


The EO stopped the pay freeze on federal employees that has been going on for over two years. It wasn't just a raise for people in Congress, it was for all federal workers. The average amount ended up being $700 per person. Yay! I know what you are attempting to do by talking about Congress getting a raise, but you are really missing the point. It ends up being roughly (after you factor in certain things) a marginal .5% to 1% increase in wage, which is extraordinarily low compared to a raise an average private sector employee makes.


The payroll tax rates are going back to what they were before they were temporarily lowered. As Inferno mentioned, it was a temporary measure to let people have a little bit more in their paycheck during the recession. The Democrats (for the most part) wanted the holiday extended, the Republicans did not.

So. . .

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