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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I'm not liking the weather. If it snows it favors the ravens big time. Our passing game relys on timely cut routes that don't happen in the snow. Moreno would lose a shoe on every play. Ravens have RBs that can produce in slop. We don't. If its a snow game it limits manning(0-3 in sub 40 weather). The defense would need to win the game.

This is a relatively easy win for the broncos under good weather conditions. Bad weather closes the gap on the teams.
Snow doesn't necessarily favor them, receivers have advantages in the snow because they are the ones that know where they are going. I know thats counter intuitive to some, but unless its hard driving snow, it shouldnt be a problem.

What bothers me is it looks like it'll be a high of 17 friggin degrees. That's ****ing cold. That's bothersome cold. And yes, it bothers me when Peyton says he needs to wear a glove to grip in the cold. Maybe itll have no effect whatsoever, but its worrisome.

but as i said before, maybe Bryant McKinnie will be too cold to bend over and block doom all day
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