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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Just talked to a friend of mine (democrat). He was all fired up this morning because he got his first pay check of the year. Guess he didn't understand the feds were coming after his 40k a year. Well you guys voted for it. You got it.
The only tax increase your friend would have seen was the payroll tax holiday expired and returned to 6.1% from 4.2%. First off, it was called a "holiday" because it was never intended as a permanent decrease, just temporary relief during the recession. Second, it wasn't Obama's idea to let the "holiday" expire...he wanted to extend it another year. It was a consession to Republicans...the same GOPers who supposedly don't want to raise taxes on anyone. So, your friend can pin that one on the GOP. Try to educate yourself before you open your mouth on a topic on which you're clearly ignorant.

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