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Football is quite a bit more unpredictable than baseball and politics. Since it's a team sport, no matter how talented and well coached your team is one weak link or boneheaded play can completely change the game. For example, Flacco's pick 6 on the goal line by Harris isn't something that can be accounted for by statistics or past history, it was a bit of a fluke, and changed the game from probably 10-7 to a 17-0 game heading into halftime. That effected the entire game and changed both sides gameplans in the 2nd half (playing into ours, obviously).

I love me some Nate Silver, I just don't buy it.
that's kind of what I was thinking, alot of moving parts.... but it would be very interesting to hear from Nate of one of his other geeks what analystics and trends actually do show repeatability and measure success...

Silver, during the elelction made a footbal comparison I thought was eye opening. At the time, Obama had a 85% chance of winning the elelction, and Nate compared it to an NFL team having a lead of three point, two minutes to go and you are on offense starting at your 30 yard line... that siuation in the NFL turns out a win 85% of the time... that's pretty cool.

Alot of team are begininng to build a Analytics dept for scouting and drafting... there is a belief Moneyball can be replicated in the NFL.. I don't know if it can, but I love Stats and these breakdowns...
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