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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
So what you're saying is there's alot of news that comes out not favoring Tebows career. Why is that? Progress in the NFL and all these haters go away.

I don't even see many teams wanting to bring him in as a back up QB. No team or HC wants to hear the same questions every week as to why tebow is not starting.
Of course. He is very divisive. I think that is obvious. You either love him and are smart, or hate him and are a repressed homosexual with an IQ in the Forrest Gump range.

That's why the debates rage here, and continue long after I have won and closed the door.

Maybe just shove that hot dog in your butt already? I think you will find the release worthwhile? At least your posting method might improve.
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