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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Florida still the top dog in recruiting.

FSU and Miami don't come close.
Are you talking recently or just this year? Florida has a great class so far, but FSU has the potential to have a scary good class as well. DeMarcus Walker, ESPN's 40th rated player in the nation just switched from Alabama to the Noles.

FSU had better classes than the Gators last year and the year prior and have the ability to to leapfrog them because they are in contention with more Top 150 players in the nation, especially 5 star recruits than Florida at this time.

At any case, those three teams always put on recruiting clinics. They are always in the Top 10-12 in the nation, and over the past couple of years, Top 5. (Especially, FSU and Florida)

I just hope all the talent this team has at FSU can finally translate and be worth it. We are stacked a lot of places. . . especially defense even with Woerner, Carradine, Jenkins, Rhodes and several others leaving.
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