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Malik Jackson

People gotta remember OC success has very little to do with HC success in the NFL. HC's are figureheads and do very little Hands on coaching anymore except gameplanning.

Chudzinski is a solid coach with real strong ties to Ohio. He has been with the Browns twice before and also remember he is the fifth candidate they wanted, its not like he was first choice.

If they want some stability in that organization, a guy like Chud is a great fit for that as he has his dream job and should be able to assemble a solid staff. They have a good defense that has a ton of potential, its their offense that needs to be consistent and if he does get Norv as his OC, and their personnel fits Norv's vertical system, they could be a lot better schematically and coaching wise this year. What remains to be seen isif they can use their drafts like SEA, INDY, and DEN did this year and get some people to immediately contribute and play well.
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