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Yeah, I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks Gabbert, Sanchez, Quinn, Arizona-QB-palooza, etc. are better than Tebow is a moron. If you want weak-willed QBs who shatter under pressure, get wrecked mentally, and throw pretty passes for INTs, well, there are plenty of those in the NFL. GMs seem to love them. Like I said, Tebow could be his old, 45% passer self and he would have won more games on any one of those teams just by the virtue of his TD production, running, and limiting turnovers.

He is such a no-risk/high-reward move for a number of these teams it is downright stupid to not roll the dice. But even if he slips by, I'll be shocked if the Patriots don't scoop him up. Knock Tebow as a passer all you want, but he does do one thing very well and that is score inside the redzone. Belichick loves his utility players. And if the Patriots don't pick him up then we'll probably be seeing a 30 for 30 and he'll be off in the Philippines doing whatever and that will be the end of it.
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