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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
Dude is getting Flutie'd -- maybe even Moon'd, but I say that for the laughs. Sanchez sunk a franchise and got people fired from their jobs, but somehow Tebow is worse than that? C'mon. Teams like the Cardinals, Jaguards, Chiefs, going into this rather weak and flimsy QB draft, really should be the ones to try a player out like Tebow. You instantly make defensive, run-heavy teams like the Jets/Chiefs 100% better just by the merit of having a mentally-strong QB who doesn't turn the ball over. Boom. Hand over fist, I would guarantee that would have netted both teams a few extra wins last year regardless if he throws a pass or two into the dirt or the stands. People forget Tebow is a project who has only played 15-16 games. If he develops accuracy (Eli Manning was a 50% passer at this point in his career, for modern comparison) then he'll be an alright dude.

If he doesn't, who cares? It's not like Tebow brings the expensive price tag of the next wunderkind USC project with the mental fortitude of a dead carp.
You Mad.

He has had ample opportunity to show professional football people that he has what it takes to QB in the NFL. He has failed to do that. The kid is a bad ass, just not a QB bad ass. He needs to get over himself and make the move to RB.
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