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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Wow. Lot of venom over a kid who did nothing but provide us one of the most exciting seasons in Broncos history. (Albeit very unconventional.)

I wish him well. Maybe I'm just not plugged in enough anymore to know why I should hate him.
Hate him? No. The majority of posters that I've seen think he's a nice kid and enjoyed last year's improvable ride. With the exception of a few Tebow haters, most people wish him well.

Hate the circus (media echo chamber and nutjob fan) that comes with the Tim Tebow action figure? Absolutely.

At this point, he's basically going to have to make the decision to either do a position shift and try to earn a roster spot through open competition in training camp. Or he's going to have to enter his post NFL political/entertainment career.

My guess is he'll go for the latter.
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