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Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
Perhaps insignificant, but I'd appreciate the gestures as fans of those teams. Why do I get the feeling that here in Denver the ambivalent owner would be more likely to try and milk more money from the fans to offset lost revenue than offer any gesture or token of reconciliation.
Tell me about it, lots of complaints in the DC area about Leonsis recently; guess snyder is now getting a break.

He is reportedly to have been one of the guys that had a big role from the owners' side and he has received a lot of criticism, so much that he apologized today for his role.

In addition, with the criticism of him vetoing a James Harden trade because he didn't want to give the 5 yr 80M extension; he is also getting criticized for milking the caps fan base with high ticket prices. Face value for upper deck is anywhere between $65 (for crappy teams) to $95 for traditional rivals (Pens, Flyers, etc.)

Just to give you an idea, that's more than the redskins upper deck price of $64 per game.

Ted Leonsis is not in good standing right now...he had better hope the caps don't implode or he is screwed between the wizards/caps and an empty arena.
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