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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You are so full of yourself -- but you are still wrong.

The WTC rubble pile was only about 6 stories high. If you study the photos you will see no concrete -- why? Because there was none.

Despite the fact the WTC was made up largely of concrete --

So what happened to the concrete? Simple. It was converted to dust. The dust piled up all over lower Manhattan.

A mere collapsing building cannot do this. Look at the photos of concrete buildings that have been destroyed by an earthquake -- and you will see the floors pancaked one on another.

There was no pancaking on 9/11. The concrete was converted to dust -- and this took a vey large amount of energy.

The only thing that could do this is explosives.

As has been explained to you dozens of times, you twit, the very large amount of energy (on the order of a small nuclear explosion) was provided by the collapse of the towers themselves. The collapse of those towers released nearly a half kiloton of energy.

Hell, I've even shown you the ****ing math:

Just because you refuse to acknowledge that fact does not an argument make.

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