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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
Tend to agree with Rev on the Watt thing, while Von doesn't get to rush every down he also gets some favourable match-ups due to the fact that teams aren't sure whether he's coming or not.

Also Khan you seem to be implying that Watt batting passes down at the line is just him being lucky, which I think is nuts. Especially when you said on the podcast that Miller scores touchdowns and Watt doesn't, while in truth Von's TD this year came on a pass where the QB was hit as he threw and didn't get his throw out properly. It wasn't like he made some amazing read and stepped into a throwing lane, if Freeman gets a clean pass out it probably goes nowhere near Miller.
I have to agree with Rev about Watt too. Miller was ****ing epic this season, but Watt's was fairly historic and he, like Miller, was a constant disrupter. I don't think they are far apart, and obviously they arent an apples to apples comparison, but if i had to pick one, its watt.

But as for Watt being the MVP, i couldnt disagree more. I still think its Peyton and no one should be close. You see how much difference one person made to the culture of the team and the product on the field. The point differential, the style of play, the constantly motivated and efficient product....its all starts with Peyton. Sure, you could probably say the same about Brady and Rogers, but Peyton had to do this with a different team and city. An epic year.
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