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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
You love to just make **** up don't you? The top 20 floors did not just *poof* into dust. They were quickly obscured by a dust cloud created as the two parts of the building smashed into each other, but they did not, as you suggest, just *poof* into dust.

So no lateral forces great enough to operate on dust can be generated by the collapse of a building huh?

Once again for the idiot: hundreds of millions of kg of dust (even though it was not all "dustified") is still 100's of millions of kg.
You are so full of yourself -- but you are still wrong.

The WTC rubble pile was only about 6 stories high. If you study the photos you will see no concrete -- why? Because there was none.

Despite the fact the WTC was made up largely of concrete --

So what happened to the concrete? Simple. It was converted to dust. The dust piled up all over lower Manhattan.

A mere collapsing building cannot do this. Look at the photos of concrete buildings that have been destroyed by an earthquake -- and you will see the floors pancaked one on another.

There was no pancaking on 9/11. The concrete was converted to dust -- and this took a vey large amount of energy.

The only thing that could do this is explosives.

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