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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
In the meantime, tell us how we can lessen the ~100,000 deaths and injuries from firearms we have every year.
I like how you started lumping in 'injuries' to get to 100,000 when 'injuries' are probably 75% of that number.

You're a football guy, right? How many football related injuries do you think there are in a year? I'll give you a hint. Based on injuries alone, your gummint easily has 10x as many reasons to ban football. Well over 1 million injuries per year. In one sport.

Nope, instead something hits a headline, and we start regulating 310 million people because of rare mass killings that happen to .000026% of them. Is it your goal to get that down to .000020%? We're down near lightning-strike territory here.

At what level are you just willing to accept that bad things happen, and you can't stop them all?
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