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Obviously, you're a Troofer Troll. The bottom portion of the section crushed into the lower section as it collapsed and THEN turned to "dust." Just like the 3D modelling video shows. There's nothing "mid air" about it.

No. Explosives are NOT the "only thing" which could have done that:

You saying so doesn't make it so.

Did you somehow miss Fedaykin's post where he stated:

"1kg of lead brick @ 1m has *exactly* the same potential energy of 1kg of lead dust @ 1m (or 1kg of feathers for that matter)."

You're just willfully stupid.

By the way, WHAT IS VENUS??

Did you say something about Gravity?? Gravity pulls down IDIOT, it does'nt blow steel and concrete 300 feet from the building! wow, can you too butter bread?

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