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alfred e numan

im shure Ray the BLOODY BLADE Lewis will sack manning 50 times and intercept Manning oh say 80 times for pick 6 x 80.
it will be a blood bath just like the time Ray Lewis did not stab 2 people to death along with 2 of his thug friends
that is why we will lose to the ravens
the colts i mean the Broncos have to travel to Baltimore and play in a hostile environment with A rookie QB and disarray on the offense since our cordinator is in the hospital.
oh im sorry silly me we dont got a ROOKIE QB, WE ARE PLAYING AT MILE HIGH , 5280 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, A SOLD OUT MILE HIGH STADIUM 76,125 fans screaming their heads off every time the ravens are on the field
PEYTON MANNING so tell me raven murder fail fans HOW JUST HOW WILL WE LOSE.
the holidays are over we will not give you any Christmas gifts in the form of turnovers .you are playing in PEYTONS HOUSE NOW . so please enjoy your loss and retirement Ray human garbage loser i mean Lewis
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