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I'm going to be really curious to see how high in the 1st Round Lacy goes. I think he has a shot to go in the top 20 picks. His jump cut and spin move are elite. He has perfect size and excellent balance. He's tough. He has decent hands. If he can run in the 4.4s, he's going to be a prototype RB prospect. There are some fans on the Cardinals boards talking about him in the Top 10, which is pretty extreme, but maybe. I think more realistically he comes into play at 17 to the Steelers, 21 to the Bengals, 24 to Indy, and no later than Green Bay in the Mid-Late 20s.

Of course, he has to declare first...
Yeah, after what he has shown this whole year, and especially in that national championship game, I would agree that he will probably be going earlier... I mean if I was picking at even 13 or so I would take him. He is going to be an elite player. I think he can be just as good or better than Trent Richardson. Maybe not as strong, but like both you and I mentioned his jump cut, spin, and just pure vision running the ball is GREAT! If by chance he is there at 32, Denver would be dumb to pass on him.
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