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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
After chatting with some Raven fans they seem to be under the impression that Lewis and Suggs are 100% healthy this time around. Caldwell will have a better gameplan because last game was only his first at the helm citing the following weeks game vs the Giants.
We shall see. IMHO its wishful thinking on how their team could go into DEN and have a realistic chance. I do not think BAL can come into DEN and beat us. However, I pray that we do not beat ourselves like we did several times earlier in the year. BAL does not really have the matchups to beat DEN and their LB corp is still beat up. Add in the No huddle in DEN and several of those healthy players being out of game shape and I like our chances. DEN will score TD's unlike INDY did and I am not sure BAL can manufacture enough points to beat us if we are running on all cylinders.
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