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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Was Ms. Lanza being responsible?

Citizens in other nations are no less free than we are yet they don't have to suffer ~100,000 firearm-caused deaths and injuries annually.
Abso-freakin-lutely not! In this particular tragic incident Ms. lanza was horribly irresponsible. She had and arsenal of weapons not properly secured with an obviously mentally ill person with access to them.

Many of the tragic shooting incidents that happen in homes are the result of gross negligence by the gun owners. My wife and I have a total of 7 firearms that are locked up in a gun safe and we are the only ones with the combo. We both have completed a law enforcement certified gun safety course as well as a concealed handgun course. Getting rid of guns is not the answer. IMO everyone who buys a firearm of any sort must go through some sort of safety course before they receive that purchased firearm.

I'm actually ok with another ban on all AR type weapons as well as high capacity clips. The AR rifles are fun to shoot on a range but absolutely unecessary unless there is an imminent zombie invasion that I am unaware of in which case I retract my last statement.
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