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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Gore is a clown. For the liberals to even claim this guy shows how stupid they are. More rich than Romney now. But it's ok if their guy is rich.

****in pussies.
Goddamn, you are stupid.

The issue is not making money. The issue is making money and then trying to write the tax code so that you actually pay a lower percentage of taxes than people making many times less. Like Romney thinking it's fine that he only pays 15% in taxes when others making far less pay twice that rate. I don't recall Gore ever championing such tax policies.

So, to recap: making a lot of money is great. Paying a lower tax rate than people making much less (and championing such policies), not great. Is that simple enough for you and cutthemdown, or do you dumb bastards need it written out in crayon?

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