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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Did you watch the collapse video carefully? Obviously not.

The top 20 floors of WTC-2 started to tip to one side- then simply turned to dust in mid air.

What did this? The only thing that could have done it is explosives.
You love to just make **** up don't you? The top 20 floors did not just *poof* into dust. They were quickly obscured by a dust cloud created as the two parts of the building smashed into each other, but they did not, as you suggest, just *poof* into dust.

You can also see the dustified material being ejected out and away from the tower. What did this? The downward force of collapse could not do it.
So no lateral forces great enough to operate on dust can be generated by the collapse of a building huh?

Falling dust cannot bring down the lower floors.

Once again for the idiot: hundreds of millions of kg of dust (even though it was not all "dustified") is still 100's of millions of kg.
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