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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Still true:

"They who can give up essential safety to obtain a little temporary liberty, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Think the "liberty" to blow through stop signs.
Blowing through a stop sign saved our lives one time. We were camping in a rural mtn. area a few years ago and I was coming up on a 4 way stop sign. I notice in my rear view mirror an oar truck coming up on me fast almost out of control like with his wheels smoking. I didn't hesitate to step on the gas after seeing the coast was clear (cross traffic). Sure enough that truck blasted straight through the stop sign and I barely got out of it's way stomping on the gas.

Sure glad I had the opportunity and freedom to take liberty with that stop sign law instead of say... having your car forced to automatically stop (by way of say electronic device) at every stop sign.

How 'bout you? Wouldn't YOU want this freedom of choice. It's all about personal responsibility. Freedom has it's price.
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