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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Talk about babbling idiocy. Once again you demonstrate that you don't have the first ****ing clue about physics.

If you have m kg of mass @ h m height, you have mgh potential energy, no matter what the form of the mass. That the parts of the building were falling apart in no way "expends their potential energy". The only thing that expends* potential energy is FALLING.

1kg of lead brick @ 1m has *exactly* the same potential energy of 1kg of lead dust @ 1m (or 1kg of feathers for that matter).

* Energy is never "expended" it only is converted to other forms (including mass).

Also, the hammer effect is the result of the top 20 floors of the tower (which certainly did NOT disintegrate before the collapse) smashing into the lower 90 floors. See:

Did you watch the collapse video carefully? Obviously not.

The top 20 floors of WTC-2 started to tip to one side- then simply turned to dust in mid air.

What did this? The only thing that could have done it is explosives.

You can also see the dustified material being ejected out and away from the tower. What did this? The downward force of collapse could not do it.

Falling dust cannot bring down the lower floors.

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