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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Just that dosomethingism never rests.

Which I guess proves that every fight at every level is important.

Dosomethingers ask "why do you care about 30 round clips?"

And in all honesty, it's because someday it will be 10 round clips. Then 5. Then semi-automatics (if not before) Then anything above a single-shot. Followed by all firearms, and probably crossbows, down to knives. Maybe even longer-tined forks. Pretty much anything that can grab a headline will become a potential target.

Dosomethingism is a real b****.
First let me say, i am against drunk driving, and would never do it, but

MADD is the perfect example of dosomethingers

I think we can all agree that people that cant walk, are too drunk to drive, here the legal limit was .1, then it got moved to .08, now its still .08 but at .05 you get a 72 hour suspension, and your car is impounded road side, even tho the law is .08

Madd recently has been pushing for .000, thats right no alcohol in your blood at all while driving, which im sorry but that is just flat out stupid. whatever makes them sleep better at night i guess.
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