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Brendan Langley

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
According to ESPN and Seattle 4 news, the Maloof's are about to sell the Sacramento Kings to the Hansen-Ballmer Seattle group.

Good for them. They got screwed over. Glad to see them get their team back, especially since Sacramento's fanbase is non-existent.
That's a retarded statement. I live in Sac. The city LOVES the kings and they show well. When the franchise doesn't suck ass, they are one of the loudest fan-bases. The Maloofs ran their finances into the ground, and subsequently the kings and then they wanted the city to financially bail them out. It's hard getting ANYTHING passed in California on the city level in terms of stadium financing outside of Silicon Valley.

Bottom line, your assessment of Sac fans is stupid and ignorant.
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