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The Team

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
He pulled it off.

It's horribly clear that he has no understanding regarding the issue. He doesn't have the science mindset.

He doesn't understand, so he accepts troofer bull****, because he can't see where they're wrong. They tell a good tale, relying on their audience's ignorance, and the audience bites.
Troofer logic requires that they ignore facts and reverse engineer reality until it fits their conspiracy.

So they invent scenarios, plagiarize each other's theories and sign off on their fellow wacko's books and articles, ensuring a circle jerk of 'stupid.'

As you say, they rely on the ignorance of their audience as they pick their pockets without a thought about the victims or their loved ones.

If ever a group was despised by the 911 families, it's the troofers as they circle like vultures. Gaffney is small potatoes, but a troofer leach nonetheless. Without 911, he'd have to work for a living.
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