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Yay. I still think Moreno should hold onto the #1 job though. He's been great for us (and holding onto the ball)
He is simply not as good. Moreno will start in the AFC Championship game but if all goes well I expect McGahee to start the SB.

McGahee's fumbling has been a recent two year thing. He has not been a fumbler throughout his career. Hopefully, he will get it under control but Denver needs him on the field. He is quicker, a better runner, pass protector and probably even faster than Moreno.

25 carries Mcgahee gets 132 yards rushing.
25 carries Moreno gets only 114 yards and he doesn't do the little things as well.

I'm all for them splitting carries because Moreno has done a great job filling in, but that is what he has been doing, filling in.
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