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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Unlike some I'm facing facts. I have a business background, that required budgets and P&L statements.

Not negative at all just facing the hard truth. This is not fantasy football where ther is not salary cap.

It is the nfl and Pat since mikey blew hundreds of millions of turds and one year rental the last decade, now has a budget for John. we carry over from last year 11.5 mil which I'd guess was the limit of his budget, or it would have been spent.

As far as the ride is concerned I'm enjoying Manning and his success, just not acting like an irresponsible 5 year old telling mommy I want I want everything I see in the FA store.

Frankly I do not see loads of money to spend there.

You assume a lot for having a "business" background. You assume that John would have spent 11.5 million because he had a budget. There could be a multitude of reasons why they didn't spend that money, but you assume just one. It could have been allocated to this year because they foresaw a better FA crop. They could have determined that the pieces they could have signed with that money were not worth the long term risk versus reward (my most likely scenario as Bunkley not getting resigned signals this type of thinking).

Not all businesses and especially successful businesses spend the maximum amount that they possibly can each year. Really only in sports, which are often the worst run businesses on the planet and only successful because of the popularity, does this happen.

I do agree that there are a ton of posters on here that want want want and have unrealistic expectations of what the Broncos can do in free agency draft, trades etc... but the fact remains that the Broncos have a high degree of flexibility in the upcoming year of FA compared to other teams cap situation, which in any business is a good situation. Whether they use it effectively remains to be seen.
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