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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I want 1st and 2nd round draft picks at as many starting positions as possible on the Broncos, except where lower round guys are clearly playing at a Pro Bowl level.

Here's all the lower draft pick starters on the Broncos:

Core Starters:
1. Elvis Dumervil (Pro Bowler)
2. Dan Koppen (former Pro Bowler)
3. Wesley Woodyard (playing at a Pro Bowl level)
4. Chris Harris (playing at a Pro Bowl level)
5. Eric Decker (should have been a 2nd round pick, having a great year)

Could be replaced:
6. Chris Kuper (good player, but had issues early in his career being effective in the redzone)
7. Mike Adams (playing well, but could be replaced)
8. Joel Dreessen (playing well, but could be replaced)
9. Kevin Vickerson (needs to be upgraded)
10. Justin Bannan (needs to be upgraded by shifting Wolfe)
11. Throw in Keith Brooking due to his age

The only starters that may be upgraded in the offseason are all low draft picks.

That's why it's so imperative to draft starters with your first two picks, year after year. If're team won't be very good.
I think Vickerson doesn't need to be upgraded that much, he's played decent so far to be honest.
I think you're crazy if you think Kuper, probably our best OL, needs to be upgraded.
TE, yes, it would help tremendously to have a great TE out there.
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