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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
Mikey was't getting playoff game revenue for Patsy. John....has been and will continue to. How much do you think Pat gets out of 2 additonal home playoff games Hmmm?
Frankly I do not think it matters. About playoff revenues. While it is nice to have it is not something they can budget against each year.

I suspect that most of that extra revenue will go to incentives given out to some players and mostly coaches and John not to mention Pat.

If yoi budget against it and overload the cap for next year and we take a dump then something else has to go. ..which means player get cut.

Here are the facts. We had 11.5 mil left over from 2012. Why? Because Pat does not want to spend every dime of income coming in. *

We have only 35 current players under contract. Which means that is the only money so far accounted for with that total cap space (not Pats budget, but cap space )..

We have to hire via the draft, UFA, trades and UDFA atleast 18 more bodies to fill out the 53 man roster. We will most likely have 8-10 players hit IR so those salaries have to be accounted for also.

We will most likely cut DJ and Mayes which will save us about 8mil (after dead cap hits for bonus money owed).

Which now means we have to hire 18+8 (ir)+2 (dj and Mayes) or 28 guys for under about 15.5 mil (assuming Pats budget is about the same as this year).

Not counting resigning Clady if we do. Frankly I think he will walk for more money. As unless there is something hidden under the sofa seats we do not have 9 mil a year salary plus probably another 1.9 per year or more as bonus money hit for the duration of the contract. Frankly I would think it closer to 2.5 a year for five or so years

So folks where do we get the money, for all these expensive UDFA?
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