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Clady is going to get Joe Thomas type money, maybe a little less so around 9 to 9.5 million a year. So there goes half of it right away...
I do also think they will release DJ and Mays which free's up just about that much to pay Clady.
So I think we will actually have some room to do some in FA. I'm not sure what Chris Harris is going to do next season if we don't give him a better contract. He's making peanuts right now compared to his production on the field. So look for there to be a bigger deal for him.
I also do not want them to spend it on Amendola or Welker, especially Welker actually. We don't need them. If they had to do one, I would choose Amendola.
But I think we are finally going to become like the elite teams that constantly build their team in the draft as opposed to Free Agency. That is how you build a team, and now that we have some positions solidified for a while that only helps us to grow in the draft.
Hopefully it all doesn't fall apart post Manning...
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