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I'm guessing many on here have no business experience. Some may still live at home or in a dorm, still on an allowance withnavaaialibaily to call home and ask for more money.

Or they live on a credit card and do not pay the thing off each month. It is a sign of the times. Not living within a budget spend every dime live week to week.

Businesses are not like that they have to plan and budget for their revenue stream. In this case live under self imposed salary caps.

While I would love to have a roster of 20 pro bowlers you jut can not afford them all, a simple fact of life many FF owners will never get.

It's not entirely the same though. A private small business doesn't have the same rules as a sports team facing new cap rules. A budget is a bit harder for a sports team when there's a set amount the owners have to spend. The old CBA sure. But rules now state a team MUST spend up to 98% of the cap. No longer can teams hover millions below.

But I agree about not bringing in high priced talent. This team doesn't need to. They have homegrown players that have stepped up. Just full in the small holes here and there.

Philly bought the dream team and laid out a turd. Buffalo signed the highest rated D FA that resulted in nothing.

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