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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
There are 16 RB's who gained over 1,000 yards rushing in the NFL in 2012. 12 of them were selected before the 10th pick of the 3rd round.

There were 14 RB's who gained over 1,000 yards rushing in the NFL in 2011. 13 of them were picked on or before the 1st pick of the 3rd round.
Wasted resources.

How many of those 1st and second round 1k rushers made the playoffs (4) many with the team that drafted them(3)....and how many are left(2)?

As much as I defend Moreno, because he does have talent, we didn't need to draft him in the first round. Running back is the most plug and play position in the NFL. It is a position that is very statistically dependent on the offense, and one that can be hard to judge on numbers alone. It's also my favorite position, and the one I failed to be successful at in college.

A commitee approach is the best practice for running backs.

Think team success, not individual stats.

For example: Since the Cowboys SB suns in the early 90's, only 2 teams have won the Superbowl with a high round Running back that they drafted: Baltimore in 2000 (Jamal Lewis) and the Colts in 2006 (Addai).
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