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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I cannot imagine the prices going higher for Bengals, Colts or Ravens. It isn't like the Patsies or Steelers are coming to town.
They have come down a lot. It appears Ravens fans are not pushing up prices at all. Still 10,000 seats on the market between stub hub and Broncos Scalp exchange errr I mean Broncos ticket exchange.

Down to just $115 a single on stub hub.

*edit* down to $110 now. Somebody grab this seat. It's a nose bleed but it gets you in!

It appears the sellers on the ticket exchange are coming back to earth. 6,000 sellers! Pair for $127 each. http://www.ticketexchangebyticketmas...13?PID=1349628

What is face value for an upper level playoff seat anyway?

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