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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
That 18 million will also go up. Expect restructured deals and releases of at least a few guys. And with Elway's way of building the team, I'd wager we get through free agency, the draft and re-sign a few of our guys and have at least 5 million in cap space
Yes probably will but we may be eating some dead money space also. If they cut DJ IIRC he would cost us about 1.7 mil. If they keep him it is 7.7.

So a bit here and there adds up.

Also remember Clady is not one of those 35 I stated in the post. If anything if they resigne him that will pretty much blow the cushion when coupled with rookie salaries.

All I'm saying is the 18 mil plus a few here and there is not all that much considering we have a roster to,fill and currently that stands at 18 more folks at minimum not counting all those on IR next year.

I'm just being realistic, hell I'd love all those guys also but where is the moey going to come from.
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