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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
would love to see them use some money to sign Welker this offseason. The offense lacks quickness at the receiver position. Stokely has been solid but he'll be 37 next season. A Manning to welker connection would be tough to stop, hopefully he can be acquired for a decent price.
Sorry but if Stokely is on the roster next season, we have hit our "white man" quoto on wide receivers. We would need to balance it out but damn if there is a couple of honkies in the backfield and one as a safety. Sorry, no room for him.
On a serious note, Welker is a complete stud that isn't afraid to go down the middle and not use aligator arms.

BTW, $20 million under the cap? Cheap owner! Signed, SoCal Bronco

How come Shanny couldnt do this job in 2012 with the same type of budget?

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