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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by BroncoLifer View Post
So I've been looking (hfboards mostly) trying to figure out what either side got out of the deal that required losing half the season. So far as I can tell, the final agreement is very close to what the sides had on the table back in Sep/Oct and whatever gain either side may have made was offset by the loss of half a year's revenue/salaries.

Is that wrong? In the end, was there really anything other than personalities that lost us so many games?
It's not just you. The 50/50 by year 4 and 7/8 year max contracts were all pretty much a given, despite what they were saying publicly.

I really thought the holdup was going to be over years of service before FA, guaranteed contracts and arbitration.....the REAL big issues IMO. But those never even came up and all are completely unchanged. It's really stupid how this all went down and there was absolutely no need for it to drag out this long given how few items they really addressed.
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