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Unless you plan on starting him full-time off the rip, I don't see us going RB in #1 -- and I doubt Lacy will be at our selection. Knowshon has earned himself another year, we traded up high into the third for Hillman and McGahee probably has one more year left in him. This isn't a knock on Lacy, but I just don't see the PRESSING NEED for a RB that early, considering other areas which are clearly deficient on the team.
I will agree that Knowshon has earned himself another year at least. I think Mcgahee could be done... the risk of him getting hurt has to be high. Ronnie Hillman, as much as I was really hoping he would be a great steal for us in the 3rd round. It looks like he just can't grasp being able to pass block, and as long as that issue is there he won't be playing. I would be surprised to see Hillman play in these playoffs unless injury occurs to Moreno, Ball, or Hester.

I also agree that we do have pressing needs at MLB, DT, Center/Guard, and CB. But I hope we will go with Best Player available instead of draft for need.
I guess I just really like the way he runs, and I think he is going to be a star in the NFL.
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