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Q: I am curious if the Broncos lose (offensive coordinator) Mike McCoy — which seems like it will happen — who replaces him?
A: Shawn, the Broncos' success has kept McCoy on teams' radar this season, but their playoff schedule may actually prevent him from securing a job unless one of his suitors shows a little patience in the coming weeks.
The Bills originally scheduled an interview with McCoy for Saturday, an interview that was still on the docket until Friday night when the team wanted to reschedule. What they were actually doing was hiring Syracuse coach Doug Marrone for the job, a deal completed this past weekend.
McCoy formally met with the Cardinals on Saturday to go with the Eagles and Bears on Sunday. The Bears have told at least some candidates they would like to bring the two "finalists" into Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Ill. — the team's practice complex — within the next week or so.
That would seem to leave McCoy out of the mix if the Broncos win their playoff opener Saturday. Some in the league believe Chicago, in search of somebody to repair an offense that has floundered, is the best fit for McCoy if he were to leave.
Arizona has serious quarterback issues, and the organization is considered a bit out of synch by many in the league — that it's hard for the head coach to get things done that need to be done. The Cardinals have interviewed their own defensive coordinator — Ray Horton, a highly respected assistant — along with McCoy.

Read more: Broncos have options if Mike McCoy takes job as head coach elsewhere - The Denver Post
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