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These fans make me hope that we annihilate them. How could have so much over confidence in a team that ****ty? They had to turn the channel last time.

Its simple really

Score points
Stop the run
We win

Flacco isn't good we have Manning if we lose its because we beat ourselves with multiple turnovers not because their "vaunted" ray lewis infused D shut us down or their Jim Caldwell lead offense w/ a sprinkle of Flacco greatness offense tore us up. We stomped them at their house, no way we lose in mile high in our element no ****en way as arrogant as this sounds its true.

Im more worried about Moreno, Ball, or Hillman suddenly getting a case of the fumbles or Jim Leonard's "secure hands" muffing a punt, also there is the Holliday factor will we receive gifts? or will it be the curse?

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