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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I dont know why this annoys me, but it does. Now, this person clearly doesn't watch the Broncos. I'm not blaming him, he's a Ravens fan, i don't watch the ravens. But I love how he says with absolute certainty that Champ is on the decline. Why? No reason, just is. And Porter is hurt...nevermind Porter hasn't played in weeks, nor would he if he were healthy.

Clady? Overrated. Why? Just cause. Bryant McKinnie...totally will handle Elvis...why? Eh, why not.
It's called confirmation bias, and it is strong with this group. They all have themselves convinced that:
the Broncos are overrated because we haven't played anyone tough in 11weeks. The only good teams we played, we lost to- ignoring the fact that we were still gelling as a team offensively and defensively. We beat them only, and I mean only, because of injuries to D and change of OC(might be partially true, but besides the point). They also believe they have the advantage on the re-match because they make better adjustments as a coaching staff even though the 2nd half of the game proved otherwise.

There's more, but you get the idea. The problem with confirmation bias is the letdown. The more you believe the BS, the harder it is to accept the loss. That's when you here calls for everyone on the coaching staff should be immediately fired, Ray should have retired 5 years ago, etc., and they are leaving the board never to return. Sound familiar?
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