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This one made me chuckle:


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This game is going to be high scoring. Great Defenses aside, it will be. Joe, it's time.....

The Broncos main strength on D is the pass rush.

Elvis vs McKinne is not hard. If Bryant shows up, than Big Mac

Wolfe vs KO. KO, no questions asked

Birk vs whoever they got. Birk

Yanda and Oher vs Miller is where they win this.....

Their secondary is way overrated though.

Bailey is on the decline. And not nearly the legend people make him out to be

Porter is hurt

Moore is a good FS

Lenord is solid. Not great

Miller is the problem we have to worry about but we match up well with them.

Suggs vs Clady:
Overrated LT. Has had NO competition whatsoever this season.....

The rest of that line is suspect. And if I were a Offense, I would not want to face the stud corps of
And Upshaw.
All are threats to get to the QB.

I would trust the secondary a tad bit more if we had Webb, who would take out Thomas. However,
Corey has also been proven to be a steal, and a starter
Chykie is a young stud
Jimmy needs more playing time

Cary vs Decker is the problem
Although Williams has stepped it up, he sucks. We need man to man, and then we are set. I would put Jimmy in at that spot. If he can take out Austin for a game, he can sure as hell take out Decker

Now comes Peyton vs his two greatest enemies, Reed and Ray.

BP oil also comes into the mix. We finally have a healthy D.

IF Joe gets protection (that's a big if btw), then we should win this game
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