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Quentin Jammer

Originally Posted by errand View Post
I'll admit there would probably be a few on here that would still applaud his sorry ass.... but I think the bottom line is that the majority of people on here would have taken issue with him being a murderer.
Yeah, but 13 years after the incident, and he's arguably the best linebacker ever, and ever since then being what is perceived to be a "good guy." I'll be honest. I know it would be hard for me to not try to ignore that incident if he played on my team. Very hard.

I really want to like Ray Ray, but every time I'm just about there, I think about what he got away with, and I just can't keep myself from thinking about what he was at least a part of. I would really be conflicted.

With all that said, I'm really glad he never has been on our team. However, Ed Reed, that's another story.
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