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Originally Posted by hambone13 View Post
There are some pretty bright, experienced and insightful people on this forum and I thank Taco for facilitating it. You on the other hand are more interested in your localized, self absorbed perspectives which lack merit. Hmmmm, who might the bright poster choose?

You seem like a decent student of the game but your perspective is hyper-frequently antiquated with your opinion that holds no merit. The interesting thing is that you don't see that you're the void. Evaluate that and get back.
Thanks for your commentary. Unlike the other poster that choose to attack with no commentary.
As for Taco I have thanked him several times as well as suggested things to him on making this a better place to post.

Since I have been on several and have helped with the back end decision making of one as well as moderated one for over three years I think I have some coherent ideas to make this a better place for all.

Are ther some class posters here absolutely but IMO they are out numbered by lots of kiddies that learned football on madden or as FF players.

There are also some real punks that would never last at a tighter modded forum, one liner shots at other posters would not be tolerated long term on other places. If they had some thing to add to the forum that is another thing but just being rude or harrassing someone would not be. yet they are here in fact almost encouraged.

Perhaps that is the environment they are looking for so be it..

Befor dream chimes in with me being banned at a couple of forums yes that is true. One was the old mania. I got into a pm conversation with a. Mod about them going to a point system. telling them they should announce it before activating it.
They took exception to that.

I left soon after that taking a bunch of quality posters to a new forum. Which four others established where I was a mod.

After we were up and running I went back to the other forum and told everyone I was gone and the reasons for it. Which tightened the jaws of said mod and soon after I was banned for having several logins. Mostly because I had forgotten what they were when I first lent there.

The next forum after several years the direction of the forum changed and eventually got in a fight with the owner and was fired after I refused to buckle to the direction they were going.

Eventually was banned when I had belligerent posts towards the direction they were going. Was caustic in my posts and they banned me. Which frankly was no loss for me as they were IMO goingndownnhillmwith the original mission statement I was under the impression we started it for.

So yes I have been banned twice before. But think I have football knowledge that some ofthe kiddeies on here that could learn from ( btw that was a caustic comment I used a lot on the last forum) one of the reason I got banned. Ironic that on here it is used common place.

Anyway night folks this took a long time to do on my iphone. So if there are errors tough teat.
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