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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
True that you don't want to change coaching staffs to often. But what does it say about the situation that Mr.Bowlen was willing to make the change 3/4 through the season. Whatever the reason it was dire to the future of the team. Whether you think Spygate was a big deal or not. Or trading away a franchise QB and WR and getting nothing in return was a good thing or not. It all came down to the direction where the Broncos were going. To bad for Mcdumbass that everything was pointing down for the Broncos.
I think the spy gate did indeed do him in. Until then the local press seemed afraid of him for fear he would pull their press passes. But once that happened they really inflamed the Denver fans and caused the empty seats and pressure for Pat to fire him.
As for not getting anything for cutlet. Seems to me that at least two of the following four came from his picks. Not sure which were chicagos. Moreno, ayers, DT and Tebow. Iirc there was another couple of picks of lesser value. Because of all the gyrations he made on draft day it was hard to remember.

As for BM and that is about the best I can call that head case, spouse beater. We got two of the following again hard to keep total ack of the MIa picks ,Moore, decker, Walton, Franklin, Or Beadles.

Hardly nothing for a POS wife beater. Someone with a pn attitude not wanting to be here after he got his friend killed. He wanted out of Denver worse than we wanted to keep him.

Hope that helps your memory. And yes I remember ther we traded a number one away for a second but IIRC that turned into one of those second year players.

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