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I definitely think the Broncos would be on this same exact track of mind. Unrein has played well when he's been in there this year. Silga has been kept on the practice squad probably for this exact reason. I think a DT in the 1st or 2nd rd of the draft is a lock for Denver. I am not keen to what DT Free Agents will be out there this year. Seems like Del Rio will be able to make it work with whatever he is given.
There's some quality FA DTs, of course we don't know who will resign back with their existing team, but the quality players who would fit:

Terrance Knighton
Pat Sims
Alan Branch
Corey Williams
Sammie Lee Hill

These are the players I think are the best fit, based on their current scheme, the position they play (NT), their size, and how they all are run stuffers who offer some ability to pass rush. Knighton is at the top of the list for his age, familiarity with Del Rio, and long term upside. Branch plays in a very similar scheme in Seattle. Williams and Hill are being phased out in Detroit for Fairley.

Now the curious case of Pat Sims, I will admit I wanted no part of him prior to the season after watching him play for years. I even doubted a poster on here who wanted him. But.. this season has showed a totally different player. He has the size to stuff the run, and he has really embraced and worked with Geno Atkins and now has pass rush moves. He has been incredibly disruptive when I have watched him play. I'm really impressed in the progression he has made and think he should be an offseason priority if we miss out on Knighton.

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