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Peyton Hillis

My kids got me a Manning jersey t-shirt this year.

Starting with the Chargers game, I haven't washed it yet. So, that makes 11 straight weeks i've worn it and not washed it. It has some beer spills, a few food stains, but smells pretty good.

Now, let's assume i've worn this shirt 4-5 hours per game day, then I also wore it all day for the Chargers game and Saints game. That means I have about 60+ hours of unwashed wear on that beautiful orange (slightly wrinkled) shirt.

My boys ask me to go put on my shirt about 30 minutes before every game. Actually the whole family and my friends know about the shirt by now. So, if we end up losing i'll burn the ****er, but right now it is full of mojo.
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