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How a high school science prof upstaged and embarrassed the US government

In post # 24 I gave you the link to the final report about WTC-7 -- by the official government agency that did the investigation -- NIST.

I gave you the page number -- and the actual verbatim text -- the passage -- where NIST admits in its final report that building seven fell at free fall for 2+ seconds.

Thus, NIST itself supports the video by R Gage at the top of this thread.

It is curious that in its draft report on WTC-7 NIST denied that free fall had occurred. In the draft report NIST also stated that IF a free fall had occurred it would have been the tell-tale indicator for use of explosives.

The draft report was made public in August 2008. That same month NIST sponsored a public hearing for its draft report. A high school physics and math teacher named David Chandler showed up at the hearing and confronted the NIST scientists with his own mathematical analysis of the collapse of WTC-7 based on the videos of the collapse. His analysis concluded that free fall had occurred.

As a result of that presentation, NIST was forced to change its analysis - and this is reflected in the final report released a couple of months later. NIST conceded in its final report that Chandler was right - -that free fall did occur.

Curiously -- NIST dropped the passage where it stated that free fall is the tell tale sign of a demolition.

A high school science teacher embarrassed a gov't agency staffed with hundreds of scientists and funded with a nearly endless budget. This is one of the great stories about 9/11. This story should have been front pages news -- and rated a headline in the NY Times (i.e., NIST UPSTAGED BY HS SCIENCE PROF) But as we know --the US media never so much as mentioned it.

This is the state of affairs in America today. It's why I titled my latest book Black 9/11 --

Darkness has descended upon the nation. Fools chase their tails and call it normal.

The blind lead the blind.

Meanwhile we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.

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