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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Gator20134 View Post
Stats are just that, I am using my naked eye test and so should you. Houston played who Jax and Tenn 2x each? Their "physical" D got pounded by NE. The Ravens have been hurt most of the year but now are healthy and they are borderline dirty? IDK...Rice, Reed, Pollard, Ngata...I'd rather face Watt and a bunch of no names who struggled with Cinci.

Again just use the naked eye test. Stats are misleading I think?
Some stats can be misleading. An entire season of work is not. The Texans played some good offenses - some of the best in the league, this year and put up impressive numbers.

The Ravens also played some good teams and did not put up good numbers. When someone says a team is phyical, I assume they mean hard-hitting, solid tackling, run-stopping team. The Ravens are many things, but that isn't one of them.
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